Corporate Leasing Solutions

Stagger the deployment of your technology upgrade with unique and flexible corporate options

Are you planning an equipment or technology upgrade at scale?

With Lease Group, Corporates benefit from advanced project staging and pricing structures to ease the process of upgrading company technologies.

The Benefits of Corporate Leasing

Leasing is the preferred method of acquiring the latest mission-critical equipment and technologies thanks to the cash-flow, tax and budgetary benefits on offer.

Retain Cash Now

Utilise your operating budget and put your hard-earned capital to better uses.

Fixed Repayments

Lease payments are fixed throughout the entirety of the term.

Cheaper than a Loan

Leasing is cheaper and faster than traditional banking methods.

100% Tax Deductible

Convert your capital expense into an operating expense and reap the tax benefits.

Flexible Payment Plans

Spread the cost of your technology upgrade and leverage a 12 – 72 month repayment plan.

Flexible End of Term Options

At the end of the lease you will have the option to retain or return the equipment.

Corporate Leasing Options

Go Beyond Equipment Finance

Master Leases

Stagger the deployment of company equipment via a structured, pre-determined roll-out. Made easy with reduced paperwork and a simple, single-dated direct debit.

Low Start Rental

Structure the payments to suit your initial budget. With Low Start Rentals you can pay a reduced amount for the first 6 months of the contract.

Staged Supplier Payments

High value installations can be made more budgetable by leveraging Staged Payments to your supplier. No need to outlay on project activation costs and you’ll only begin paying once the project completes.

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